Firewood for Sale in Whistler, British Columbia

Firewood Whistler offers a great selection of kiln dried firewood for burning and home heating including Maple, Fir, Alder, Arbutus and even Cherry. Not only do we provide the best quality firewood in the region, but we stack it in custom cedar pallets and deliver our firewood to your door using electric powered pallet trucks. Nothing beats the heat from a natural burning fireplace but nothing is worse than wet wood when you are cold. Don’t mess around with your firewood this season and call Firewood Whistler today. When it comes to firewood, we guarantee greatness.

Firewood Whistler Welcomes You

Welcome to Firewood Whistler.

Seasoned Firewood in Whistler, BC

Seasoned firewood means it has reached a moisture content rating below 20%. While many dealers stand by their hands on methods of telling if firewood is ready to burn, we take out the guessing work by using a state of the art kiln system and moisture measuring tools. Simply ask your delivery driver for a quick measurement and he or she will be proud to show you how great our firewood is.

Whistler Firewood Safety

The first step towards having a great fire is making sure everything is safe and ready to go. We suggest getting your chimney cleaned by a professional every year. Not only will they make sure it is clear of creosote buildup but they will also ensure your chimney is in good working condition. Note: keep your receipts encase of emergency. This will make your insurance claim much easier.